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Clients may wonder why they’re paying 0 a day for a non-luxury vehicle such as the Mini Cooper.

The client pays extra for the luxury of booking the exact car on a specific date, says Petherbridge.

Free Mileage Is Never Free The industry average is 75 to 100 free miles daily, says Petherbridge.

Excess mileage charges start at 40 cents on the low end and can cost up to .00 for the ultra-exotics.

We match members around the world who are seeking travel companions.

The thrill of exploring exotic destinations and immersing yourself in new cultures could only be better with someone by your side to share in the experience.

Did you know that Angelica is by far the most popular form of the angelic name? It is a Teutonic name that means ‘a maiden in battle armor’. The French name Antoinette is a feminine form of the name Anthony. The exotic, almost mystical name is hugely popular. Elise is an exotic name popular since the 19th century. Madeleine is a perfect choice for parents who desire a French flair in their child’s name. If you are looking for an elegant name for your child, then Sofia must be your pick. The Egyptian name Akila has become very popular in the recent years. Zaliki is an uncommon variation of the name Zuleika. Hamisi is a pretty and uncommon Kenyan name meaning ‘born on Thursday’. It is a great name for summer babies as it combines the elements of both the sun and the sea. Kalene is an exotic name that does not exist as an official name in any culture but is still widely popular. The name became popular due to the Disney star Selena Gomez. Gabriella is a powerful, yet graceful form of the name Gabriel. Regina is a classic name that is synonymous with regal elegance. The name Kalamei is as exotic as the place of its origin – Hawaii. Linza is an exotic American baby name, which means ‘beautiful’. If your child belongs to a water sign- Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces then you can name her Naida. A short and sweet name Nia has a special meaning for African-American parents. The name Odine has a Latin origin and means a ‘wise woman’.

Claudia is an exotic name with a hint of ancient Roman splendor. The French name Francoise is the feminine form of the name Franciscus. The Irish name Kady is a variation of the name Katy. Color names ending with Y sound very stylish and cool. Here is another exotic name with a beautiful meaning. Esperanza is a classic Spanish name that came into the spotlight when the jazz singer Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy Awards. The Spanish name Lola manages to look exotic without being over the top. Raquel is an attractive Hebrew name, very popular in the Latino community. The Greek name Agatha came to England at the time of Norman Conquest. It is a form of the German name ‘Ute’.[ Read: Unique Baby Girl Names ]Parthena is a variation of the name Parthenia, meaning ‘pure’. ‘Sadira is an intriguing Persian name that means ‘a lotus plant’.

Giulia is an Italian version of an English classic name.

Lehmann-Haupt gives 100 miles per day free and bills 75 cents for excess miles on cars in the Corvette and BMW range, and .00 for the high-end vehicles such as the Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

Unlimited mileage is a Pandora’s Box best left unopened.

As fleet miles increase exponentially, and as new stratum of fleet enter both consumer and business use cases, the "founding fathers" who gathered at Fleet Forward in Miami last week have some work to do.

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