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Then I'd think, "I wonder if Sheila knows they're talking about her like this? There's been nothing more incredible in my life than having her.

'' [Laughs] I mean, let's face it, you make a record, you want people to buy your record - period. '' I really think people were hungry for something that just had a melody and some good lyrics. People want to know if there is a relationship: Our relationship is that we're friends. And he called back and said, "I'd love to come,'' which was a surprise. [imitates Bobby's strut in her seat and laughs wildly]. You know: "He's a womanizer, he's got three illegitimate children, da-da-da-da-da-da'' you know that whole thing? And I just wish they would stop trying to make him out to be this man who just goes around and arbitrarily says, "I want her, and I'm gonna screw her.'' He loves being married, and he's respectful to his marriage. I'm tired of people talking about him like he's this bad guy and he has no respect for me or his marriage. Were you concerned that because Rachel is a singer, people would confuse her with you? That people would dog me before they gave me the opportunity to do the job. I wanted to do some acting, but I mean, I never thought I'd be costarring with Kevin Costner!

As her cat Marilyn prowled the room, Houston spoke animatedly and with considerable personal force looking me square in the eye, gesturing with her hands, swinging her legs over the side of the chair at more relaxed times. As Houston and I talked, the singer's "Aunt'' Bae played on a gigantic TV screen in the equally gigantic living room upstairs. You can't make me sing something I don't want to sing. I don't want to go out there and fall.'' And he said: "I promise you I will not let you fall. Were you concerned about the interracial aspect of the film? Nobody made an issue of that, not from when we started to the end. Yeah, I watched it very closely black-on-black crime in the highest form. How many asses have been pinched before Clarence Thomas is what I want to know. Clarence Thomas said some things to her that were out of turn. How do you look on other women artists who might be considered your competition? Furthermore, I came out first anyways [laughs] - anybody that's gonna come has definitely got to come after. My husband and I were talking about it the other night.

Aunt Bae also prepared a plate of chicken salad for Houston and me to munch during our talk. my mother always said to me, "If you don't feel it, then don't mess with it, because it's a waste of time.'' When I used to watch my mother sing, which was usually in church, that feeling, that soul, that thing it's like electricity rolling through you. That's not what makes me and Clive click, because if it was, I'd have left Arista a long time ago. We basically like the same things, which, thank God, allowed us to get along all these years. He called one day and said, "Listen, are you going to do this movie with me or not? People loved this movie What about the rumors that you have your face averted in the ads for the film so as not to call attention to the fact that you're black and Kevin Costner is white? I think there are people who are really true to their art and really have something to say, and there are people who play off it because it's popular and that's crap. I think that sometimes it's a little overdone. I mean, come on, do we really know who's telling the truth? They don't say I sound like Mariah Carey, they say Mariah Carey sounds like me, you dig what I'm saying? She's the first girl to come out that's real down, real cool, but can sing. But I've been out here since 1985, so whoever comes got to come after me. He's been in the business since he was about twelve he's twenty-four now.

So many of the details that came through were so intimate and private, he knew he was having a sincere experience.”Tyler continued: “When his daughter and former wife did come through, he got a lot of answers and the clarity that he needed.”On whether it helped him to move on from their passing, he added: “Absolutely, he acknowledged that it had helped more than any therapist ever has.

It was a great honour, but I just see myself as a messenger.“When Whitney came through, she gave clarification on some aspects medically that contributed to her death, she put a heavy emphasis on her heart condition.”Meanwhile, Tyler also spoke about his meeting with Alan and Tanya Thicke, revealing that he got a warning from beyond the grave just months before he died in December.

When she said she was floored, that meant so much to me. That's what's strange about this image business - the more popular you become, the weirder they want to make you. So I said, "Yeah, I would.'' And he said, "You really would? Two years ago, Bobby spent a lot of time with me while I was on tour. You're expecting her to float delicately into the room, but Whitney Houston strides in with a purposeful air. '' [Laughs] I wasn't goin' for a lot of bullshit. This is the ultimate.'' I haven't experienced anything greater. Really, it has nothing to do with business whatsoever. She's dressed way down in purple stretch pants and a brightly patterned flannel shirt, and while her smile is welcoming, her handshake is firm, businesslike. Since Houston burst on the scene at twenty-one in 1985, it's been easy for her to sell records, harder for her to get respect. The disadvantage of growing up with two boys is that you can't do anything. You know, my brother had one girl outside, one upstairs, one in the basement - and all three of these girls would be waiting. Speaking exclusively to uk, the 21-year-old opened up about his meeting with Bobby, 48, which he said had aided him with his grief.Asked which reading stood out for him from the second series of his E!

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