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In some spots, the shallow water exposes the stream’s bottom, forming islands of moss, sedges, wild impatiens and other water lovers.

There are garden vignettes everywhere in Tillman Ravine such as Nature’s Asian-style gardens of moss-covered tree trunks, rocks and earth.

Shale, conglomerate and sandstone comprise the rock, which has been subjected to several mountain-building events, one reason why Tillman Ravine is protected.

Walkers will enjoy seeing the moss-covered uplifted formations and climbing through a few, but stay on the trail please.

Just a few miles south of Lambertville lies an area ripe for weekend adventure and exploration.

Components of local, national, and natural history are well represented, as well as brilliant prospects for craft seekers, hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and picnickers.

Curious explorers cannot help but wonder why some have drawn enough attention in days gone by to have been given names of their own.

Surrounded by mountains and glacial lakes, farms, wineries, campgrounds, state parks and forests, The famous notch that characterizes Warren County's western skyline is where the Kittatinny Mountains have given way to eons of gentle persuasion by the Delaware River, creating one of the most majestic of New Jersey's natural features between Mount Tammany and Mount Minsi in Pennsylvania.

Even today, if you needed a natural hideout--a really good one--Jonathan's Woods could work. Broadly speaking, the most diverse forest ecosystems are ones with the fewest human interventions dating from modern times.

The trip back down into and through the Pohatcong Valley is equally rewarding for students of history and devotees of the outdoors, especially in autumn when you might even spot flying pumpkins. 206, there's a tiny, old-time borough called Branchville.

Just one-half square mile large, it is packed with history, old buildings, new business and interesting people, and where contemporary meets traditional.

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