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He says women should be allowed to work and that in some countries, Muslims may hold mortgages (which are based on interest, a taboo for fundamentalists).

In past years, he has often been mentioned as a candidate to be the Egyptian branch’s top leader..

“Fasting can, of course, be physically tiring, so God makes it clear in the Quran that those who are ill, on a journey, or physically unable to fast, do not need to do so,” explained Abdul-Azim.

In Egypt, the Brotherhood has taken an increasingly forceful part in the protests, issuing a statement Thursday calling for Mubarak’s immediate resignation.

Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email Friday marks the first day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which is the most religious time of the year for Muslims.

“The elderly, pregnant women and diabetes sufferers, are a few examples of people who are exempt from fasting in Ramadan.

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