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Wait for it...showmanship, gratitude, and pizzazz in spades.Harris is even entertaining in print; funny enough to laugh hard at himself, down to earth enough to talk about the humility of being able to be a parent, and real enough to express the love he has realized by having his own family.

If you are a fan of NPH or humorous memoirs I think you will love this very creative autobiography!Audiobook listeners will be able to access the food and drink recipes (and a cryptic crossword! The audiobook is a very entertaining and fast listen.NPH is an engaging reader who obviously brings a lot of personality to the table.We also get to hear his coming out story, and about meeting husband David Burtka and how they became parents.NPH also discusses his love of magic, Disney, an epic 40th birthday scavenger hunt, and lavish vacations with Elton John.

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“You” are in the driver’s seat and get to jump to “your” career and personal highlights as you go.

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