Nude ipad chat

Nude even uses the device’s front-facing camera to take a picture of anyone who tries to guess your in-app PIN and fails.

Crucially, the images on your device are never sent to Nude itself.

The app also has the makings of a sustainable business model: it will charge users a dollar a month for the service.

Of course, the big platforms could go after this market themselves, if they wanted to.

When Chiu returned to Berkeley, friends would pass her their phones to look at recent photos they had taken, and she would inevitably swipe too far and see nudity.

The algorithm still isn’t perfect, the founders say.

(“If you have man boobs, those will be imported,” Chen says.) But the service will improve over time, he says.

She teamed up with Chen, who she had met at an entrepreneurship program, and an Armenian developer named Edgar Khanzadian.

Together they built Nude, which uses machine learning to scan your camera roll for nudes automatically.

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