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A few days later, when I checked my daughter’s phone, the Kik app was gone (my daughter later told me that she deleted it herself). Please, if you are parents, take an active role in the online activities of your children.You can see this is an odd and potentially dangerous relationship between Kik and Instagram and how someone make it instantly perverted. Show them that you care for them and love them by getting involved. While your kids may complain, deep down inside, they know that you are doing it out of love.While other people say it had to do with privacy concerns around how Kik accesses one’s address book and then culls through to see if there are other Kik members in there.I don’t have the details and I personally haven’t installed the application because I value my contacts.There will also be a #Pink Out The Vote Snap Chat geofilter in key battleground states to encourage voters to get out to the polls.

As I mentioned, that butterfly and rainbow unicorn could be a sexual deviant or pervert. If you look at some of the comments on some pictures in Instagram, you will see some that say “Kik me at” or “my Kik name is”.

Washington, DC –– Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Planned Parenthood Votes, and local Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations are doing one final push to get voters to the polls on Election Day.

All across the country, volunteers and staff will be phone banking, knocking on doors, bringing coffee to people waiting in line to vote, and more.

“We knew that volunteers were fired up about electing Hillary Clinton, but we couldn’t have predicted this level of enthusiasm or the influx of volunteers we’ve seen these past two weeks.

Women across this country are excited to vote for a champion of women’s health and rights, and they’re excited to make history. Together, the organizations are running their largest electoral program in history.

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Here is what happened…someone on Instagram contacted one of my daughter’s friends to connect on Kik.

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