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After his son’s death, John discovered a folder filled with IM exchanges throughout that summer that made him realize “that technology was being utilized as weapons far more effective and reaching [than] the simple ones we had as kids.” Aftermath There were no criminal charges filed following Ryan’s death because no criminal law applied to the circumstances or especially catered to protecting cyberbullying victims.

Seven months after Ryan’s death, The Cyberbullying Story: In December 2007, Tina Meier founded the nonprofit Megan Meier Foundation.

Many cyberbullying articles were written on what was revealed to be another cruel prank tuned into one of the most tragic suicide stories.

Aftermath According to the Associated Press, it was later that fall when a neighbor informed Megan’s parents that Josh was not a real person.

The non-profit was named in honour of Tina’s 13-year-old daughter who hanged herself in a bedroom closet in October 2006.

Megan struggled with attention deficit disorder and depression in addition to issues with her weight.

However, bullying is no longer a problem that is isolated to the playgrounds, hallways and lunch rooms of schools.

Megan died the following day, three weeks before what would have been her 14th birthday.Hope never told her parents about the “Hope Hater Page” that was started on My Space that led to additional cyber bullying.Aftermath The Enquirer reported that Jessica’s parents, Albert and Cynthia Logan, filed a lawsuit against Sycamore High School and the Montgomery police for allegedly not doing enough to keep their daughter from being bullied and harassed following the nude photos of her being widely shared.However, after Ryan shared an embarrassing personal story, the newly found friend returned to being a bully and used the information to start a rumour that Ryan was gay.The taunting continued into the summer of 2003, although Ryan thought that he had struck a friendship with a pretty, popular girl through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

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